Key Features:

  1. Micrometer Head: The heart of the micrometer is the micrometer head, which typically includes a calibrated screw and a spindle. The screw allows for precise adjustment, and the spindle is responsible for making contact with the object being measured.
  2. Digital or Dial Readout: Our Micrometer is available with either digital or dial readouts. Digital micrometers provide quick and easy-to-read measurements, while dial micrometers offer a traditional method with proven accuracy.
  3. Interchangeable Anvils: Some micrometers come with interchangeable anvils, allowing users to measure different types of features, such as outside diameters, inside diameters, and depths. This versatility makes the micrometer suitable for various applications.
  4. Carbide Measuring Faces: The measuring faces, often made of carbide, provide durability and wear resistance. Carbide measuring faces contribute to the longevity of the micrometer and ensure accurate measurements over time.
  5. Ratchet Stop or Friction Thimble: The micrometer head may feature a ratchet stop or friction thimble, providing consistent measuring pressure. This feature helps prevent over-tightening, ensuring repeatable and accurate readings.
  6. Adjustable Measuring Range: Our Micrometer may come with an adjustable measuring range, allowing users to measure different sizes without the need for multiple micrometers. This flexibility enhances the instrument’s adaptability.
  7. Depth Measuring Rod (Optional): Certain models include a depth measuring rod that can be attached to the micrometer for measuring depths of holes or recesses.
  8. Locking Mechanism: The micrometer head may include a locking mechanism to secure the measurement once the desired size is reached. This helps maintain accuracy during the reading process.
  9. Laser or Vernier Scale: Depending on the model, the micrometer may feature a laser scale for digital readouts or a traditional vernier scale for manual readings. Both options provide precise measurement capabilities.
  10. Sturdy Construction: Built with durability in mind, our Micrometer is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of regular use in industrial and workshop environments.
  11. Portable Design: Despite its precision, the Micrometer is designed to be portable, allowing for ease of use in various locations, including workshops, construction sites, or manufacturing facilities.

Micrometer, a precision measuring tool designed for accurate and detailed measurements of various objects. Micrometers are widely used in manufacturing, machining, engineering, and quality control applications where precise measurements are crucial. Here are the key features that make our Micrometer stand out: