Dimensional Calibration

Dimensional Calibration

When it comes to dimensional calibration, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced technicians calibrate an array of instruments, including:

  • Calipers: These versatile tools are used for measuring distances between two opposing sides of an object. Our calibration ensures that your calipers provide accurate measurements.

  • Micrometers: Whether it’s an outside micrometer, inside micrometer, or bore micrometers (2-pt. and 3-pt.), our calibration ensures that your micrometers deliver precise measurements.

  • Gauges: Height gauges, depth gauges, and radius gauges, among others, play crucial roles in various industries. Our calibration guarantees their accuracy.

  • Protractors and Angle Gauges: For applications where angles matter, we make sure that your protractors and angle gauges are spot on.

  • Thickness Gauge: In industries where material thickness is critical, our calibration ensures reliable measurements.

  • Dial/Digital Gauges: From dial indicators to digital gauges, we ensure that your gauges provide accurate readings.

  • Feeler Gauge: Used to measure small gaps and clearances, our calibration makes feeler gauges dependable.

  • Steel Rule/Tape: Measuring tools for lengths and distances are essential in many applications. We make sure they’re precise.

  • Displacement Transducer (LVDT): These transducers are vital for accurate linear measurements, and our calibration ensures their reliability.

  • Dial Gauge Calibrator: Calibration of dial gauges is crucial for numerous applications, and we excel in this aspect.

  • Extensometer: In material testing, extensometers play a crucial role, and our calibration services guarantee accurate results.

  • Test Sieves: In industries like pharmaceuticals and food production, calibrated test sieves are a must for quality control.

  • Surface Plate Flatness: For precise measurements and inspections, flatness is essential. Our calibration of surface plates ensures their accuracy.

  • Surface Roughness: Accurate measurement of surface texture is essential in manufacturing and engineering. We provide calibration to ensure reliable results.

  • Profile Projector: In industries where profiles and shapes are vital, a calibrated profile projector is indispensable.

  • Pin Gauges: For measuring small holes and slots, our calibration of pin gauges ensures precision.

  • Thickness Foil Standard: In applications where thin materials are measured, thickness foil standards are calibrated to perfection.

  • Plain, Threaded, Taper Thread Plug Gauge: Thread gauges must be accurate for proper fits, and our calibration ensures this.

  • Plain, Threaded, Taper Thread Ring Gauge: Ring gauges need to be calibrated for precision, and we excel in this area.

  • Laser Distance Meter: In modern measurement applications, laser distance meters are vital. Our calibration guarantees their accuracy.

  • Precision/Machinist Level: Accurate leveling is crucial in various applications, and our calibration ensures precision levels are accurate.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our dimensional calibration services. We are committed to providing the most accurate, reliable, and timely calibration services for all your dimensional measuring instruments.

Dimensional Calibration

Dimensional calibration is a process used to verify and adjust the accuracy of measuring instruments or devices that are used to quantify physical dimensions such as length, width, height, diameter, and thickness. This calibration process ensures that the measurements provided by these instruments are accurate and reliable, which is crucial for various industries and applications where precise dimensional measurements are required.

The dimensional calibration process typically involves comparing the measurements of the instrument being calibrated with known standards or reference devices that have a known and traceable level of accuracy. Any discrepancies between the measurements of the instrument and the reference standards are identified and corrected through adjustments or calibration procedures.

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Quality Technical Services is the Most accredited Dimensional calibration company in UAE. We specialize in dimensional calibration, providing precise verification and adjustment services for measuring instruments that quantify physical dimensions such as length, width, height, diameter, and thickness. Our calibration services ensure accuracy and reliability in various industries where precise dimensional measurements are crucial for quality control, compliance with standards, and the reliability of products and processes.

We offer calibration services for a wide range of specialties and instruments, including electrical, pressure, dimensional, and temperature calibration, allowing you to get everything you need from a single, dependable service provider. Our laboratories are equipped with advanced precision electrical measuring instruments and electrical instrument calibration is performed by technically experienced specialists.

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