Mass & Weighing Instruments Calibration

Mass & Weighing Instruments Calibration

Mass calibration focuses on weighing instruments, and our services cover a broad spectrum of equipment:

  • Weighing Balances: Accurate weighing is essential in laboratories and industries. Our calibration ensures weighing balances deliver precise results.

  • Batching Plants: In the concrete industry, batching plants need accurate calibration to ensure the right mix.

  • Crane Scales: For industries involved in lifting and transporting heavy loads, calibrated crane scales are essential.

  • Weighbridge: In logistics and transportation, weighbridges need to be calibrated to ensure accurate weight measurements.

  • Conventional Mass: Mass calibration encompasses various standard weights used in laboratories and industries.

  • Standard/Non-Standard Test Weights: In quality control and testing applications, calibrated test weights are essential.

Our mass calibration services cover a wide range of applications, ensuring that your weighing instruments are reliable and accurate.