Bore gauge

Key Features:

  1. Contact Measurement: Our Bore Gauge employs contact-based measurement, using carefully crafted probes or anvils to make direct contact with the inner surface of the bore. This ensures accurate and repeatable measurements.
  2. Digital or Dial Readout: The Bore Gauge is available with either digital or dial readouts, allowing users to choose the format that best suits their preferences or specific application requirements. Digital readouts offer quick and precise measurements, while dial readouts may be preferred for their simplicity.
  3. Versatile Probe Options: The Bore Gauge may come with interchangeable probes or anvils, allowing users to measure a range of bore sizes with a single instrument. This versatility makes it a cost-effective and practical solution for various measurement needs.
  4. Adjustable Measuring Range: Some models offer an adjustable measuring range, providing flexibility to measure different bore sizes without the need for multiple gauges. This feature enhances the instrument’s adaptability to various applications.
  5. Self-Centering Mechanism: The Bore Gauge may feature a self-centering mechanism, ensuring that the measurement probe aligns with the center of the bore automatically. This feature simplifies the measurement process and improves accuracy.
  6. Depth Extension Rods (Optional): For measuring the depth of a bore, certain models may include depth extension rods, allowing users to reach greater depths and assess the entire length of the bore accurately.
  7. Carbide Measuring Faces: The measuring faces or anvils are often made of durable materials like carbide, providing resistance to wear and ensuring long-term accuracy and reliability.
  8. Ratchet Stop or Friction Thimble: The Bore Gauge may feature a ratchet stop or friction thimble, allowing users to apply consistent measuring force. This ensures repeatable and reliable measurements across different uses.
  9. Zero Setting Capability: Users can zero-set the Bore Gauge to account for any variation or deviation, ensuring that subsequent measurements are relative to the specific reference point.
  10. Sturdy Construction: Built with durability in mind, our Bore Gauge is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of regular use in industrial and workshop environments.

Bore Gauge, a precision measuring tool designed for accurately determining the internal diameter of a bore or hole. Whether you’re in manufacturing, engineering, or quality control, our Bore Gauge provides reliable and precise measurements for various applications. Here are the key features that make our Bore Gauge stand out: