Force calibration

Force calibraton

Force calibration is vital in material testing, quality control, and research. Our services include:

  • Compression Machines: Accurate compression testing is crucial for materials testing, and our calibration ensures precise results.

  • CBR Marshall Machines: In the construction industry, CBR Marshall machines need to be calibrated for dependable results.

  • Flexural Machine: For measuring the flexural strength of materials, our calibration ensures accuracy.

  • UCS Machine: Unconfined compression strength machines require precise calibration for reliable results.

  • Pull-off Testers: In industries like adhesion testing, calibrated pull-off testers are essential.

  • Proving Rings: These are used to calibrate other force measuring devices, and we ensure their accuracy.

  • Hydraulic Jacks: For applications where hydraulic force is used, calibrated jacks are a must.

  • Force Gauge: From hand-held force gauges to more sophisticated devices, our calibration guarantees accurate force measurements.

  • Torque Wrenches: For applications requiring precise torque, our calibration ensures that your torque wrenches are dependable.

Our force calibration services cover a wide range of industries and applications, ensuring that your force-measuring instruments are always accurate.