Inside Micrometer

Key Features:

  1. Micrometer Head: The Inside Micrometer features a micrometer head that allows for precise adjustments and measurements. The micrometer head typically has a fine-pitched screw for precise control over the measurement.
  2. Interchangeable Anvils: Our Inside Micrometer comes with interchangeable anvils or measuring rods of various sizes. This versatility allows users to measure different internal diameters using a single micrometer.
  3. Ratchet Stop Mechanism: The micrometer head may include a ratchet stop mechanism, providing consistent measuring pressure. This ensures that the measurement is not influenced by variations in the user’s hand pressure, contributing to the accuracy of the readings.
  4. Digital or Dial Readout: The Inside Micrometer is available with either digital or dial readouts. Digital versions provide quick and easy readings, while dial versions offer a traditional and proven method of measurement.
  5. Adjustable Measuring Range: Some models of our Inside Micrometer come with an adjustable measuring range, allowing users to measure various internal diameters without the need for multiple instruments.
  6. Self-Centering Mechanism: The Inside Micrometer may feature a self-centering mechanism that helps align the anvils or measuring rods with the center of the hole automatically. This simplifies the measurement process and improves accuracy.
  7. Extension Rods (Optional): For measuring deeper holes, certain models may include extension rods that can be attached to the measuring rods, providing the necessary length to reach the bottom of the hole.
  8. Carbide Measuring Faces: The measuring faces or anvils are often made of durable materials like carbide, providing resistance to wear and ensuring long-term accuracy and reliability.
  9. Locking Mechanism: The Inside Micrometer may include a locking mechanism to secure the measurement once the desired size is reached. This helps maintain the accuracy of the measurement during the reading process.
  10. Sturdy Construction: Built with durability in mind, our Inside Micrometer is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of regular use in industrial and workshop environments.
  11. Portable Design: Despite its precision, the Inside Micrometer is designed to be portable, allowing for ease of use in various locations, including workshops, construction sites, or manufacturing facilities.



Inside Micrometer, a precision measuring tool designed for accurately determining the internal dimensions of holes, bores, or cylinders. Whether you’re in manufacturing, machining, or quality control, our Inside Micrometer provides reliable and precise measurements for various applications. Here are the key features that make our Inside Micrometer stand out: