Impact Centrifuge extractor

  • Impact Centrifuge extractor (3000 & 1500g)
  • Variable Speed Control 0 – 3600 rpm
  • Brake Control
  • Removable aluminium cover
  • Aluminium bowl
  • Centrifuge Extractor used to determine the quantitative amount of bitumen in bituminous paving mixtures.
  • Bench mounting unit.
  • Continuously variable speed control from 0 to 3600 rpm, through front panel mounted control knob.
  • Brake control for rapid deceleration.
  • 1500g (BM050) or 3000g (BM055) capacity.
  • Precision machined aluminium removable cover with integral cup for adding solvent.
  • Sealed, cast aluminium housing

Dimensions: 559mm L x 305mm W x 508mm H
Weight: BM050 – 35kg, BM055 – 41 kg

220V 50/60Hz 1ph


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An Impact Centrifuge Extractor is a type of laboratory equipment used for the extraction of bitumen from asphalt mixtures. It operates by subjecting the asphalt sample to a centrifugal force, which causes the bitumen to separate from the aggregate. This method is often used in quality control and research settings within the asphalt industry to assess the bitumen content and properties of asphalt mixtures.

The Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor is designed for use in the separation of asphaltic mixtures to determine bitumen percentage. The bowl is variable from 0-3,600 rpm and the extractor is provided with a brake control for fast stopping. The aluminium bowl assembly is removable. A cup built into the housing cover allows easy pouring of the solvent into the bowl. Filter discs are available from Impact.