Impact Water bath (48L)

Impact Water Bath
48 litre capacity steel tank 561mm long x 331mm wide x 275mm deep.
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Heating time for 10 litres: ambient to stable +60°C takes 30 minutes


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An Impact Water Bath is a type of laboratory equipment used for various applications that require heating, incubation, or temperature-controlled environments. It consists of a container filled with water that is heated using an electric or gas heater. The sample or specimen to be heated or incubated is placed in the water bath, and the temperature is regulated to the desired level.

Impact Water Baths are commonly used in scientific research, medical laboratories, and industrial settings for tasks such as:

  1. Heating and thawing of samples: Water baths are used to gently heat samples or thaw frozen samples without causing damage.
  2. Incubation of cultures: Microbiological and cell culture experiments often require a controlled temperature environment for optimal growth, which can be provided by a water bath.
  3. Melting and maintaining the temperature of solid materials: Water baths are used in chemistry laboratories to melt solids or maintain the temperature of solutions during reactions.
  4. Simulating environmental conditions: Certain experiments require simulating specific environmental conditions, such as temperature-controlled water baths used in ecology studies or material testing.