User 10C to 25C Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer

Key Features:

  1. Temperature Range:
    • The UT-2500 offers an ultra-low temperature range, maintaining a consistently cold environment between 10°C to -25°C. Ideal for the storage of vaccines, enzymes, reagents, and other temperature-sensitive materials.
  2. Upright Configuration:
    • The upright design maximizes storage capacity while providing easy access to samples. Adjustable shelves and storage bins allow for efficient organization of various-sized items.
  3. Digital Temperature Control:
    • The digital control panel enables precise temperature adjustments, ensuring the freezer maintains a stable and uniform temperature throughout the storage compartment.
  4. Energy-Efficient Cooling System:
    • The advanced cooling system operates efficiently, minimizing energy consumption while providing rapid temperature recovery after door openings.
  5. Alarm System:
    • Equipped with a temperature alarm system, the UT-2500 immediately alerts users to any deviations outside the set temperature range, safeguarding the integrity of stored samples.
  6. Secure Door Lock:
    • The freezer features a lockable door to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the security of valuable contents.
  7. LED Lighting:
    • The interior is illuminated with energy-efficient LED lighting, providing clear visibility of stored items without compromising temperature stability.
  8. CFC-Free Refrigerants:
    • Environmentally conscious design with CFC-free refrigerants, promoting sustainability and responsible laboratory practices.
  9. Audible and Visual Alarms:
    • In addition to temperature alarms, audible and visual alarms indicate door ajar conditions or power interruptions, allowing for immediate corrective actions.
  10. Remote Monitoring Capability:
    • Remote monitoring options provide the convenience of monitoring temperature and system status from a distance, enhancing overall laboratory efficiency.

Package Includes:

  • Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer – Model UT-2500
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord

Elevate your sample storage capabilities with the Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer – Model UT-2500, a reliable and advanced solution for preserving the integrity of your critical laboratory samples.

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Introducing the Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer , a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the demanding storage requirements of sensitive samples and biological materials. Engineered for reliability and precision, this freezer ensures optimal conditions for preserving your valuable specimens.