Thickness Gauge Calibration Blocks

Key Features:

  1. Material Composition: Calibration blocks are crafted from materials with known and consistent acoustic properties, ensuring accurate and traceable calibration standards. Common materials include aluminum, steel, and various alloys.
  2. Known Thickness Values: Each calibration block is precisely manufactured with a known thickness value, providing a reliable reference for calibrating ultrasonic thickness gauges.
  3. Surface Finish: Calibration blocks feature a smooth and flat surface finish to minimize interference or distortion in ultrasonic wave transmission during calibration, ensuring accurate measurements.
  4. Multiple Thickness Options: Calibration blocks are available in various thicknesses, offering flexibility to calibrate ultrasonic thickness gauges across a range of measurement values encountered in different applications.
  5. Step Wedges or Single-Thickness Blocks: Calibration blocks may come in the form of step wedges with incremental thickness steps or single-thickness blocks, catering to different calibration needs.
  6. Alignment Markings: Some calibration blocks incorporate alignment markings or indicators to assist users in ensuring proper alignment and positioning of the ultrasonic transducer during the calibration process.
  7. Documentation: Calibration blocks are accompanied by documentation, including certificates or traces that detail the manufacturing process, material properties, and the accuracy of the thickness values.
  8. Standards Compliance: Our Thickness Gauge Calibration Blocks adhere to relevant industry standards, such as ASTM E797 or ISO 2400, ensuring that calibration procedures align with established norms.
  9. Long-Term Stability: Calibration blocks are designed to maintain their thickness and acoustic properties over time, providing long-term stability for consistent and reliable calibration.
  10. Storage and Care Instructions: Proper storage and care instructions are often provided to ensure the integrity of the calibration blocks. This may include recommendations for temperature, humidity control, and protection against damage.
  11. Compatibility with Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges: Calibration blocks are compatible with a variety of ultrasonic thickness gauges from different manufacturers, allowing users to perform accurate and standardized calibrations.
  12. Traceability: Calibration blocks are traceable to national or international standards, offering a documented chain of traceability for the calibration process.

Thickness Gauge Calibration Blocks, vital tools designed for the accurate calibration and verification of ultrasonic thickness gauges. These calibration blocks serve as reference standards to ensure the reliability of thickness measurements in materials such as metals, plastics, and composites. Here are the key features of our Thickness Gauge Calibration Blocks: