Infrared Calibrator

Key Features:

  1. Wide Temperature Range:
    • The IRC-2000 covers a broad temperature range, allowing for calibration across various measurement points. From low to high temperatures, this calibrator ensures accurate and reliable results.
  2. Stable and Uniform Heat Source:
    • Equipped with a stable and uniform heat source, the calibrator provides consistent infrared radiation for precise calibration. This feature ensures the accuracy of temperature readings in the devices under calibration.
  3. Digital Temperature Control:
    • The digital temperature control interface allows users to set and maintain the desired calibration temperature with precision. The user-friendly controls enhance the calibration process.
  4. High Accuracy and Resolution:
    • The IRC-2000 offers high accuracy and resolution, meeting the demanding requirements of industries where precise temperature measurements are critical for quality control and safety.
  5. Multiple Emissivity Settings:
    • The calibrator supports multiple emissivity settings to simulate different surface properties. This capability ensures versatility in calibrating infrared devices for use in various environments and materials.
  6. Compact and Portable Design:
    • With a compact and portable design, the IRC-2000 is convenient for both laboratory and field calibration applications. Its portability allows for on-site calibration of infrared thermometers and thermal cameras.
  7. Easy-to-Read Display:
    • The clear and easy-to-read display provides real-time information on the calibrated temperature, making the calibration process efficient and user-friendly.
  8. Calibration Certificate:
    • Each IRC-2000 is accompanied by a calibration certificate, documenting the instrument’s accuracy and adherence to calibration standards. This certificate serves as a valuable assurance of the calibrator’s reliability.
  9. USB Connectivity for Data Logging:
    • The calibrator features USB connectivity, allowing users to log calibration data for documentation and analysis. This capability enhances traceability and quality control processes.



Introducing the Infrared Calibrator – Model IRC-2000, a precision instrument designed for the accurate calibration of infrared thermometers and thermal imaging devices. This advanced calibrator ensures the reliability of temperature measurements in various industrial, laboratory, and medical applications.