Gilson Reflux Extractor

Reflux Extractors are used for reflux extraction to determine asphalt content in bituminous pavement mixtures, which is the least expensive method.

Hot plates generate solvent vapor that passes around and through the sample contained in two wire mesh cones lined with filter paper. Reflux solvent condensing on the water-cooled condenser percolates through the sample repeatedly until the bitumen is extracted.

Reflux Extractors are offered in nominal capacities and include a Hot Plate, Extraction Jar, two interlocking wire Mesh Cones with bail handles, copper Condenser with water inlet/outlet tubes, Filter Paper, and Insulating Pad. Models operate on 115V, 50/60Hz or 230V, 50/60Hz.

HM-5 mdoels have a sample capacity of 1,000g.

HM-6 models have a sample capacity of 2,000g.


  • A cost-effective option for asphalt content determinations in bituminous pavement mixtures
  • The choice between 1,000g and 2,000g capacities
  • All-in-one solution with necessary items for procedure included

Included Items:

  • Reflux Extractor (1,000g or 2,000g)
  • Hot plate
  • Glass Extraction Jar with ground top
  • Two interlocking wire Mesh Cones with bail handles
  • Copper Condenser
  • Filter Paper
  • Insulating Pad
  • Instructions

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Gilson Reflux Extractors are a type of laboratory equipment used in asphalt testing and analysis. They are specifically designed for the extraction of bitumen from asphalt mixtures, a process crucial for determining the bitumen content and properties of the asphalt sample.