Flexural testing machine 150 kN for hardened concrete, concrete beams, slabs and curbstones

The flexural testing machine is suitable for flexural tensile strength testing of a wide range of concrete specimens, such as concrete beams, curbs, concrete slabs, bricks, etc. A displacement measuring system can be optionally installed in the cylinder, allowing displacement and deformation-controlled testing. Other accessories such as curbstone punches, pressure plates, etc. can be adapted as an option. High accuracy class 1 according to DIN EN 7500-1 in a very wide measuring range.

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A flexural testing machine, also known as a flexural strength testing machine or a bending test apparatus, is a device used to evaluate the flexural or bending properties of materials.

Frame type: open C-frame
Force display range: 0 – 150 kN
Force measuring range: 3 – 150 kN, class 1
Stroke: 220 mm
bending roll length: 620 mm
Bending roll diameter: Ø 40 mm
Bending roll distance bottom: 80 – 940 mm

Control cabinet SV-i20 with main switch inclusive under voltage release and emergency stop switch, as well as a protective contact socket in the front panel Connection CEE plug 16 A (3~400 V, 50 Hz).

The testing machine is extensively equipped with an impact-resistant, transparent polycarbonate test chamber made of polycarbonate.

Test frame: (W x D x H) = 1040 x 1120 x 1850 mm (without travel measuring system)
Weight: approx. 1200 kg
Control cabinet: (W x D x H) = 1200 x 570 x 1050 mm
Weight: approx. 280 kg
3 ~ 400 V / 50 Hz / 1,1 kW

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Flexural testing is used to evaluate the strength and stiffness of materials such as concrete, wood, and composite materials for structural purposes.