11000 Environmental Monitor

Features & Benefits:

Concurrent measurement of multiple, user selectable PM sizes from 0.3um to 10 µm including TPM of particles up to 25 µm
Closed-loop humidity control for incoming airstream (to provide more accurate particulate sizing)
Closed-loop condensation control within the enclosure
Aerosol Concentration Range of 0.01 to 20,000 μg/m3
ULTRAGUARD® Fiberglass reinforced polyester NEMA 4 rated outdoor tamper-proof enclosure with internal thermal control
Optional pole or tripod mount options
Density correction by channel for 30 channels allowing for highly accurateapproximations of mass concentrations


The Particles Plus 11000 is designed for outdoor particulate and gas monitoring. The 11000 provide reliable, accurate measurement of airborne contamination allowing for the detection of environmental and public health concerns.

Realtime Data:
30 particle size channels recorded by the 11000 are stored in an internal nonvolatile memory at user-defined data sampling rates (1 second to 99 hours). The high time-resolution of the 11000 measurements provides a near-instantaneous look at changing airborne particulate concentrations, leading to a well-defined model of local point source influences that may disproportionately affect air quality.

Particles Plus systems are configured to allow users to push real-time data to the cloud where sensor outputs can be visualized by authorized stakeholders.